Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

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✔ This course satisfies 6 general credits in Georgia.

Learn how to make ethical business decisions and identify ethical violations with this course.

We'll introduce you to the concepts of ethics and morals. You'll learn the four approaches to business ethics, as well as a model for ethical decision-making. We'll examine the Articles of the NAR® Code of Ethics and consider how it compares to general business ethics conceptually.

We'll explain the enforcement process for professional standards in real estate. You'll develop the ability to identify possible violations of the NAR® Code of Ethics through the use of case studies and scenarios.

You'll also understand how ethical practice is good for the real estate profession.


  • Definitions of Ethics and Morals
  • Four Approaches to Ethical Questions
  • Articles in the Code of Ethics
  • Using the Model for Ethical Decision Making
  • Basics of the Professional Standards Enforcement Process Through the Local REALTOR® Board of Association
  • More Risk Management in Action to Improve Business
  • Real Estate Practices