Meth Madness

Meth Madness

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✔ This course satisfies 3 hours of general credits in Georgia

Methamphetamine is a public health crisis. It's also inexpensive to produce, so makeshift drug labs are common. It's not as far-fetched as it might sound that you'll encounter one.

This course will teach you how to recognize signs that property has been used as a meth lab. Learn what your next steps should be if you find a potential meth lab, including "First Response" procedures.

It's important for real estate professionals to understand the dangers meth labs pose to property and people. You'll learn about the chemicals and byproducts associated with this drug, which are both volatile and toxic. You'll learn about the cost and time required to remediate a meth lab and how to stay up to date on local laws, policies, and detection methods.


  • The Methamphetamine Epidemic
  • The Drug
  • How Methamphetamine is Made
  • Meth Labs and Property