Pricing Property

Pricing Property

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✔ This course satisfies 4 general credits in Georgia

Discover the art and science of pricing a property in this course.

You'll learn the factors affecting cost, price, and value. We'll explore each of the three approaches to valuation.

We'll help you understand the purpose of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in pricing real estate, and know how to select the best comparables to estimate real property value. You'll learn methods for accurately estimating square footage.

Then we'll consider the cost method approach and how replacement cost is determined. You'll discover the income-capitalization approach for valuing income-producing properties.

We'll also teach you how to factor in market timing and correctly make adjustments to value. We'll discuss why properties sell and the strategies you can employ to make a sale more likely.


  • Valuation
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Replacement Value
  • Income-Capitalization Approach
  • Cost Approach
  • Comparables