Real Estate Math II

Real Estate Math II

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✔ This course satisfies 6 hours of General credit in Georgia

The goal of this course is to help you be comfortable with the often-confusing world of real estate mathematics.

First, we'll help you brush up on a few things you probably learned in school: units of measurement, working with fractions, and more.

Then you'll dig into common math formulas used to describe real estate, like area and volume calculation, the Rectangular Survey System, and the Metes and Bounds System.

Of course, real estate math wouldn't be complete without delving into the fun of real estate financing. You'll look at amortization, interest on a loan, proration, commission rates, property values, and settlement costs, among others.


  • Fractions and Percentages
  • Formulas
  • Real Estate Financing Problems
  • Prorations
  • Measurements and Survey Systems