Water Resources

Water Resources

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✔ This course satisfies 3 general credits in Georgia

The distribution and movement of water can have an enormous impact on the real estate industry – and vice versa. Whether your area grapples with floods, droughts, or pollution, there are valuable lessons to be gained in this course.

We'll discuss global and U.S. water use in the context of water supply and population growth. Next, you'll learn about relevant environmental legislation and water quality standards. We'll dig into the measures that protect people's drinking water.

You'll learn the reasons behind the wetlands protection movement and understand the difference between constructed and natural wetlands. We'll also look at the ecological and economic importance of coastal and marine environments, the impact of environmental problems in these areas, and new coastal zone management efforts.

Finally, we'll explore the problems of too much water or not enough. You'll learn about National Flood Insurance, types of flooding, and tsunami hazard mitigation. We'll also look at water conservation and water-efficient homes.


  • Global and U.S. Water Use
  • Global Population Growth and Statistics
  • Environmental History and Legislation
  • Natural Wetlands
  • Oceans
  • Floods